Piano with Roberta Wolff


I Teach Piano, Musicianship, Theory, Practice Skills and Piano Teacher Training in Frimley, Surrey and I am the creator of Music, Me, Piano. My students cover a wide range of ages and abilities; from children of 7 years old to adults, from beginners, to those exploring post-grade 8 repertoire, as well as new teachers working towards their Teaching Diploma Exam. Some students are learning purely for enjoyment and personal challenge, several have gained music scholarships and one has just been offered a place on a Junior Programme with a top London Conservetoire. My area of specialisation is intermediate and advanced classical performance and theory.

Students are given the opportunity to perform in concerts I host throughout the year. Those who wish, take part, very successfully, in Music Festivals and Exams. I also offer revision support for students taking GCSE and A-level music. My students are all involved in creating and sharing their own music through composing, improvising and performing both as soloists and with other young musicians.

Music, and especially the piano, has been central to my life. I love sharing this passion and introducing others to something which has given me such joy. I have 14 years experience in piano teaching and more than 18 years experience working in the music industry. I am a member of EPTA, the European Piano Teachers Association, and I am DBS checked.

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Music,Me,Piano - Expert Piano Practice

My Teaching Philosophy

I have learnt, and still do learn, from a handful of very talented teachers. However, looking back on my musical growth my greatest single influence and period of learning was when I tuned pianos for Steinway & Sons. I was surrounded by world class music making and most of my time was spent listening to rather than playing music. Therefore, in my teaching I place great importance on discovering and experiencing the world of music and developing musicianship which, in this case, is then expressed on a piano. By filling my students' lives with music I ensure that when lessons stop, a life long passion for music remains.

In my teaching I aim:

To inspire my students and share my passion for music.
To lay strong musical foundations.
To teach the power of planning and working steadily towards goals.
To share the pleasure in the process, we avoid dashing haphazardly
      to 'the end'.
To build confidence.
To empower students for life by teaching them how to learn!
To develop thoughtful musicians capable of exploring what
      music means to them.

In a warm and supportive environment students are challenged through performance opportunities and exams and so we set up a friendly community of musicians who learn from one another and enjoy music making together.

To introduce a student to the world of music, to nurture a true appreciation of the art and to inspire continued learning sets the student up for a life time of musical discovery and joy.