Music, Me, Piano

Music, Me, Piano Practice Resources started in 2013. I wanted a relevant, instructive and inspiring way of supporting my students between lessons. The resources support the development of thoughtful, focussed practice and a questioning nature. They also support students as they learn HOW to learn. I am passionate about empowering the next generation with this skill which can then be applied to any discipline throughout their lifetime.

The student is involved in setting personal termly targets, planning a practice schedule, noting what they learn, playing musical detective in their pieces and even, to a degree, planning lessons together with the teacher. All this is done seamlessly during lesson time and as part of the teaching process. This is due to the simple but effective design of the book.

In 2016 I released Music, Me, Piano - Practice Time. This popular book has been "Highly Recommended" by two reviewers, Graham Fitch and Angela Fogg, reviewer for the Piano Professional magazine.

Music,Me,Piano - Expert Piano Practice Music,Me,Piano - Expert Piano Practice
Music,Me,Piano - Expert Piano Practice

Speed of progress in any area of learning is dependent on the effort each student puts in, meaning, the student is in the position of power. As teachers we reinforce this position by placing responsibility for the work on the student in an appropriate and manageable manner. That is when we tap into their potential.

Progress during practice is so much more complicated than, 'my teacher says play this passage four times this week, so I will do that and then I will know it'. In this example the student is the passive party. To truly engage in successful practice the student must be the most active party.

Music, Me, Piano places the student at the centre of the practice and learning processes so they are fully active and inspired. From a teaching perspective it is so much more rewarding working with a student who is on a path of discovery where your role is to open doors.

Music, Me, Piano is an engaging, colourful, customisable and interactive set of resources, click here for more information or to order.